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World Athletics Championships 2023: In the end, it does matter for team India

In the 2023 World Athletics Championship held in India, Neeraj Chopra secured the gold medal, while Kishore Jena and DP Manu both finished in the top six. In the women’s 3000m steeplechase, Parul Chaudhary broke the national record, and the 4x400m relay team achieved their best result to date.

Neeraj Chopra solidified his position as the top Indian athlete of all time by winning a World Championship gold in javelin throw, the only medal he had yet to achieve in his impressive career.

If you happened to be an Indian visiting Budapest’s Nemzeti Atletikai Kozpont (National Athletics Center) on August 20, you would have been mesmerized by the spectacular pyrotechnic display that illuminated the night sky over the stadium. The fireworks were launched over the Danube River to celebrate St. Istvan’s Day, which commemorates the establishment of the Hungarian nation. Notably, the event coincided with the beginning of the World Athletics Championships.

If you were present in the stands a week later, you would have witnessed an equally explosive finish on the track below. The intensity and grandeur of the event were on par with the previous Sunday’s spectacle. This remarkable evening will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most significant moments in the history of Indian athletics. As an Indian journalist, you can empathize with the excitement and pride that reporters from track and field powerhouses like the USA and Jamaica must be feeling.

The Genesis of Greatness

Every legend has a beginning, and Neeraj’s journey towards greatness started in the quaint town of Khandra, Haryana, India. Born on December 24, 1997, Neeraj Chopra exhibited an unbridled passion for sports from an early age. His tryst with destiny began when he first held a javelin in his hands, not realizing that this very moment would shape his destiny.

Nurturing Talent

In the heartlands of Haryana, where cricket often dominates the sporting narrative, Neeraj’s choice of javelin as his weapon of choice was unusual but fateful. His innate talent soon caught the eye of his first coach, Jaiveer Choudhary, who recognized the raw potential within the young boy. The small-town boy began honing his skills under Choudhary’s tutelage, and soon, the world was to witness the emergence of an athletic prodigy.

Neeraj Chopra: A Spear of Destiny

In the realm of sports, where courage meets sweat, and determination intertwines with dreams, there exists a name that resonates with the spirit of India – Neeraj Chopra. This article pays homage to the man who took the nation’s fervor for athletics to soaring heights.

The Genesis of a Champion

A Humble Beginning

Neeraj Chopra’s odyssey commenced on December 24, 1997, in the quaint town of Khandra, Haryana. A land known for its wrestling legends, little did it know that it was nurturing a future Olympic champion.

The First Flight

As a child, Neeraj’s fascination with the skies led him to the sport of javelin throwing. He dreamt of his javelin soaring high like a bird, and this dream became his guiding star.


1. What is Neeraj Chopra’s best javelin throw distance?

Neeraj Chopra’s best javelin throw distance is 87.58 meters, achieved at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where he won the gold medal.

2. How did Neeraj Chopra start his javelin throwing journey?

Neeraj Chopra started his javelin throwing journey when a coach in his village noticed his raw talent and began formal training.

3. What challenges did Neeraj Chopra face on his road to the Olympics?

Neeraj Chopra faced challenges such as injuries, self-doubt, and financial constraints on his path to the Olympics.


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