Kerala Adventure Sporting Events 2024


Feel the adrenaline surge as you explore the stunning landscapes of Vagamon, Varkala, Mananthavady, and Kozhikode, where the Kerala government is set to host four annual international adventure tourism events. Under the guidance of Tourism Minister P. A. Mohamed Riyas, these events will highlight Kerala’s adventure offerings like paragliding, surfing, mountain biking, and whitewater kayaking, propelling the state into the limelight of the global adventure tourism circuit. Brace yourself for a year with action, excitement, and adventure thrills.

International Paragliding Competition 2024: Soaring High Above Vagamon

The adventure sports series begins with the eagerly awaited ‘International Paragliding Competition 2024’ taking to the skies from March 14 to 17 over Vagamon, Idukki. This paragliding competition is poised to become India’s premier aeronautical sports festival, drawing over 100 top-notch gliders worldwide. With significant interest from over 15 countries, the event is set to feature captivating aerial displays by paragliding champions and adventure sports enthusiasts.

International Surfing Festival: Riding the Waves in Varkala

Varkala, celebrated for its picturesque vistas, is preparing to welcome international surfers to the ‘International Surfing Festival’ from March 29 to 31. This water sports festival is the year’s first national surfing championship and seeks to establish Varkala as a critical surfing destination internationally. Surfing athletes from India’s coastal cities will compete intensely across various categories, demonstrating their prowess and bold moves on the waves.

International Mountain Cycling Championship: Conquering the Challenging Terrain of Wayanad

The ‘International Mountain Cycling Championship (MTB Kerala-2024)’ is set to deliver its competitive cycling excitement at Priyadarshini Tea Plantation, Mananthavady, Wayanad, from April 26 to 28. This cycling competition has elevated Kerala’s status in the global mountain terrain cycling community and features a demanding five-kilometer track at 3,000 feet.

The competition’s centerpiece is the cross-country race, a test of cyclists’ abilities over diverse terrains, including mud, rock, and water. Cyclists from 25 countries will converge to demonstrate their expertise and compete for the top spot. Moreover, amateur cyclists from India can display their cycling talents and measure up against international stars at the MTB Kerala International Competition.

Malabar River Festival: Unleashing the Waves of Excitement

The ‘Malabar River Festival,’ now in its 10th edition, is set to offer an unparalleled experience for whitewater racing aficionados. Celebrated for its exceptional organization and high spectator turnout, this river festival will be held from July 25 to 28 along the beautiful Kerala rivers, Chalipuzha and Iruvanjippuzha.

The festival’s lineup includes canoeing slalom, boater cross, and downriver races, ensuring non-stop excitement for competitors and onlookers. The collaboration between the Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society (KATPS), Kozhikode DTPC, Kozhikode District Panchayat, and the Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association makes this watersports event a must-see international whitewater kayaking championship.

Celebrating Kerala’s Adventurous Spirit: A Legacy of Publishing and Literature

The Kerala Literature Festival (KLF) is a cornerstone of Kerala’s cultural landscape, celebrating the love for literature and enhancing tourism through its inclusivity. Organized by the Kerala-based publishing chain DC Books and the DC Kizhakemuri Foundation (DCKF), the festival is a highlight among festivals in Kerala, bringing together veterans, professionals, and new voices from diverse art, media, and culture fields. As DC Books commemorates its 50th anniversary, this year’s KLF holds a special place in the hearts of its organizers, who have been pivotal in the distribution of Malayalam literature and in fostering a community of readers across the state.

KLF 2024: A Celebration of Literature and International Relations

In its 7th edition, KLF aims to foster cultural exchange and dialogue, enhancing tourism festivals by inviting Turkey as the guest country to celebrate its 100th year as a republic. Focusing on Turkey’s culture and Turkey-India relations, the festival features cultural performances such as the Sufi Whirling Dervishes and sessions by Turkish authors and academics. KLF recognizes the power of literature to provide insights into different civilizations and peoples, making it a window to examine different eras. The festival underscores the importance of literature in shaping societies and driving progress.

Kozhikode: A UNESCO City of Literature

KLF’s move to Kozhikode holds special significance as the city has earned its designation as a UNESCO City of Literature, contributing to Kerala’s tourism appeal. Steeped in literary history, Kozhikode has produced renowned authors and served as the backdrop for countless literary works.

The city’s love for literature is evident with a road named after the Malayalam literary icon Vaikom Mohamed Basheer and a bust of celebrated author and Kozhikode native SK Pottekkatt adorning the entrance of SM Street. Kozhikode’s literary heritage and vibrant community make it the perfect setting for KLF.

Bringing the Community Together: A Festival for All

The Kerala Literature Festival aims to unite the entire community, fostering a love for literature among people of all ages and backgrounds and contributing to the vibrant festivals in Kerala. With an attendance of almost 500,000 last year, the festival has become a coveted event for literature lovers across India and a significant draw for tourism in Kerala.

The festival’s open and accessible nature on the beach welcomes people from all walks of life. It has inspired the emergence of similar literature festivals across Kerala, encouraging others to think beyond limitations and organize their gatherings.

Embracing New Voices: A Platform for Debut Writers

KLF 2024 celebrates established and emerging voices in literature, contributing to Kerala’s cultural tourism and festivals. Alongside veterans like MT Vasudevan Nair, Gurcharan Das, and Shashi Tharoor, debut writers like Sohini Chattopadhyay, Radhika Iyengar, and Devika Rege share the stage. KLF recognizes the importance of promoting good literature and allowing new voices to shine. The festival aims to bring critical thinking across generations, fostering a vibrant literary culture that continues to inspire and engage.

Nurturing the Next Generation: Children’s Program and Novel Writing Competition

KLF 2024 is about celebrating the present and nurturing the future of literature, adding to the allure of festivals in Kerala for tourism. The festival plans to host an award ceremony for the winners of a children’s novel writing competition, encouraging young minds to explore their creativity and love for storytelling.

Additionally, a 4-day children’s program will be conducted by actor Manu Jose and his team, sparking the imagination of young readers and artists. KLF aims to start the conversation about the next generation of literature lovers and artists, ensuring a bright future for the literary landscape.

Join the Adventure: Kerala Adventure Sporting Events 2024

Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable year of adventure in Kerala. From the adrenaline-pumping International Paragliding Competition in Vagamon to the thrilling Malabar River Festival in Kozhikode, these international sporting events offer a unique opportunity to witness extraordinary talent and experience the beauty of Kerala’s landscapes. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a lover of literature, Kerala’s tourism scene will be enriched with diverse adventure sporting events in 2024. Don’t miss out on the excitement and join the adventure in Kerala’s adventure sporting events 2024.


Kerala’s adventure sporting events in 2024 are poised to captivate adventure enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the state’s natural beauty and prowess in sports tourism. From paragliding in Vagamon to surfing in Varkala, mountain biking in Wayanad, and whitewater kayaking in Kozhikode, these events offer exhilarating experiences.

The Kerala Literature Festival also adds a cultural and literary dimension, celebrating literature and promoting inclusivity. With its rich heritage and vibrant community, Kerala is the ultimate destination for adventure and exploration, making it a highlight in the tourism calendar. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of these unforgettable experiences at Kerala’s adventure sporting events in 2024.


Q1: What are the adventure sporting events happening in Kerala in 2024?

A1: The adventure sporting events in Kerala in 2024 include the International Paragliding Competition, International Surfing Festival, International Mountain Cycling Championship, and the Malabar River Festival.

Q2: Where will the International Paragliding Competition 2024 take place?

A2: The International Paragliding Competition 2024 will occur in Vagamon, Idukki, Kerala.

Q3: Which city will host the International Surfing Festival in 2024?

A3: The International Surfing Festival 2024 will be hosted in Varkala, Kerala.

Q4: What is the highlight of the International Mountain Cycling Championship in Wayanad?

A4: The highlight of the International Mountain Cycling Championship in Wayanad is the cross-country race, which tests cyclists’ abilities over diverse terrains, including mud, rock, and water.

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